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The Hyrule Castle!

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Three of my D&D characters.

1. Amun the true neutral human martial Duskblade. He had a cursed eye that allowed him to see the aura of magic. He dual wielded two fencing sabers. one was enchanted with heart ripper. His crowning achievement was cursing the god of shadow and mirrors, Hespera, with unluck, which ultimately lead to her downfall and thousands of deaths. Amun traveled with a monk Urskan (bear man) and a time thief Bullup (frog man). Later they were joined by a cleric Aasimar who did little but gather dangerous mushrooms. He was taken as a child by witches from his desert community, managed to escape, but not without being cursed with the duskblades abilities. Amun often zombified monsters he defeated taking a mega raptor as his thrall and later zombifying two giant snakes that perched on the raptors back. Though slow, it was a walking battle fort.   

2. Illumi the traveling illusionist. Illumi was more chaotic but always landed on the side of good. He traveled with a large party which included a ranger and necromancer undead, a warforged barbarian, a luck spinner changeling, and later an elvin druid. He stayed out of combat mostly using summoned monsters and scorching ray to fight. He used his illusions to get in and out of situations that his party ended up in, even going so far as to perform and entire play single handily while the rest of the party waited on assassins. His task was to help the party gather certain gems (very Dragonball z like) to allow the god of prosperity’s magic to leak into their world creating a much healthier world. after doing so the party decided it would be better to damage the machines in the machine realm who had been sending forces to stop the party by taking the gems for themselves. needless to say that did not end well. the gems were taken and an agent of Hespera (yes her again) took the gems and used them to summon the banished goddess. she was defeated again by the party and Illumi went on his own way from there.

3. Argos Aegis the Chaotic Evil Ozodrin. He was a crazy motherF-er. He was a Faey once before being turned to something much darker and twisted. His ability was to manifest into a form that looks something like this.

Youpi from hunterxhunter(Youpi from Hunter X Hunter) 

And he would eat everything. Friends, innocent unconscious civilians, monsters, evil magi, sharks, the works. He had a number of forms because he could manipulate the amount and size of limbs, mouths and eyes. He joined up with the druid luckspinner and barbarian members of illumi’s old party. the new party also consisted of a human time thief just coming into his powers, a human inquisitor with an obnoxious habit of trying to get Argus to confess his sins by force, and an Elvin ranger with a direwolf and a very powerful set of enchanted axes. Their job was to stop a bunch of mind flayers from taking over the world in a conquest competition against themselves. Argos ate a lot of people, and several of the mind flayers.   


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twitter doodle-comic inspired by the new Zelda trailer

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